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 humane trapping and removal of live animals -- or -- removal of dead animals... we are here to help!

We are experts in animal control
 and animal removal, including:



ATRS is a specialist in finding and removing dead animals in and around your home or property. Animals will go under houses to make their nests and eventually die there if not removed.

Cats, after being struck by a car or fighting with a dog, having just enough energy left to go under a house and die, will begin to smell and will need to be removed.

Possums like to get under the bathtub, always at the wrong end of the tub inspection area it seems. Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to cut into the bathroom wall to remove a dead possum.

Skunks will also die in strange places, sometimes requiring cutting into the floor or wall.

 humane trapping and removal of live animals -- or -- removal of dead animals... we are here to help!

Dead Animal Removal

Rats can get into very small areas and can be very hard to find. A dead rat has a horrible smell but once the body is removed, the smell will usually go away after about 3 or 4 days. It is not necessary to use a chemical deodorizer (as long as the body has been removed), in fact, the deodorant is worse than the dead animal so do yourself a favor and stay away from service people who claim to use chemical cover-up because it's typically not necessary. Only a Licensed Applicator with a general pest company should perform that, when needed. Anyone else is breaking the law and should be reported to the California Structural Pest Control Board.

Birds can also have a foul odor when dead. Birds that only eat seeds or grass will not smell so bad, mostly meat eaters or scavenger birds are those that are the worst offenders.

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