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Raccoons like to live in attics mainly. Nice and warm ,,the hotter , the better,,liking most types of insulation,,or without insulation,,it doesn’t seem to matter,,as long as you let them stay there, they will. Under the house will work also but they mostly like to climb up trees and get inside attics.


Winter is the time to get out of the elements. Spring time is time to have babies. The males will leave at this time - or should I say - the female will chase him off! Once in a while you may find one-year-old males and females still staying with the mother as she has a new litter, but they will eventually leave. Males will sometimes return to eat the babies, other females may do the same...nothing warm and tender about the raccoon. Occasionally, you may find them under a bath tub, shed or wherever they may be comfortable.

We have trapped and removed thousands of raccoons, along with all other animals that are indigenous to southern California,

Bad idea to try and make a pet of a baby raccoon. They are kinda okay for a few months, but they will eventually hear the "call of the wild" and scratch you and bite you when you try to get near them. We do have a licensed rehabilitator on staff, but it is just to care for newborn animals that are to be released upon being weaned onto solid foods.