Rats and mice belong to a group of animals called rodentia or rodents. Rodents, which also includes beavers and squirrels, have teeth that constantly grow like our fingernails. When you have rats in the walls or rats in the attic, you hear scratching or chewing or gnawing.  Rats and mice like to chew wood or paper or plastic and sometimes electrical wires to file down their teeth the same way we might file our fingernails. Rats or mice in your home or car can be very destructive.  It is better to trap and remove rats and mice than to use poison. Rat traps and mouse traps eliminate them where they can be removed.  With poisons, rats and mice may die in a wall, under a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, or in the structure where they cannot be removed. A dead rat will emit a putrid odor for about two weeks.

The two main differences between rats and mice are size and location.

Mice are tiny, with a body  only 2  1/2 inches in length  and their droppings are smaller than a grain of rice. Mice do not climb up high into attics.  Mice do climb up on stoves, kitchen  cabinets, and sink cabinets. Mice get in closets, drawers, pantries, garages, cars, and sheds.

Rats are large, 5 to 10 inches long and 4 to 5 times larger than mice.  Rats are great climbers. No doubt you have heard terms such as tree rats, wire rats, roof rats, wharf rats, etc.  Rats climb inside walls, up stucco, chimneys, vines, plumbing pipes, etc.  Rats in the attic are at times so loud that the sound like possums or raccoons. It is even creepier to have rats in the house eating fruit or cookies off your dining table or kitchen counter.

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