Animal Trapping & Removal Service Ltd. provides repair and exclusion services. After trapping and removing the problem animal, we provide exclusion services which seals any openings where an animal may have gained entry into your home, business or dwelling.

Roof shingles  can be rotted or blow off, exposing roof stringers with open gaps or only paper covering. This makes it very easy for raccoons, possums, squirrels, cats, rats or birds to enter and make your home, their home.

Another point of entry is often  the eave where two roof lines meet; there may be an opening where animals can enter. Not all home builders will prioritize  securing  a home against flying, creeping and crawling critters. 

Birds fly anywhere they want. If you have any kind of hole they will find it, especially at springtime. House wrens like to go into stove vent pipes and eat the grease so it's very typical for them to go in but not be able to get out. Sparrows tend to get caught in the chimney and pigeons will make a nest in the eaves or anywhere that is comfortable to them.

Rats and mice will chew their way into a home through wood siding or anywhere wood may be exposed. After about 5 or 6 generations of rodents chewing,  they will eventually get in. Rats tend to go high into the attic(roof rats) and mice tend to stay low (cabinet mice).

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Our company brought private animal control to Los Angeles County. We are the first organization to make this happen.  ​

The main way 4 legged animals access the roof is by tree branches. It is best to keep all tree branches trimmed at least 4 feet from the roof line. They will also climb up a trellis or post so some construction points will need special attention to keep our four-legged  friends out. 

The picture on the right shows that an animal chewed its way through the outside vent to get inside. This home-owner called  us to trap and remove the live animal, and secure his house from any future critters trying to get in.


For more than 30 years, we've helped with the humane removal of animals for Industrial, Commercial, Corporate, Residential and Governmental facilities from public schools to prisons. 

Squirrels will enter any opening they can find. They are not necessarily looking for a home, just mostly curious.  A squirrel will often fall down into a chimney pipe made of metal or ceramic and not be able to get out. You will hear them scratching frantically trying to get out.  

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 Since 1981, Animal Trapping & Removal Service Ltd. has been trapping and removing nuisance animals throughout Southern California.

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A typical entry point is  broken or ill fitting crawl space covers. It seems the worst culprits are cable guys, plumbers or telephone repair people as they are constantly cutting holes in the screen of the vents or breaking the covers off.  We build very good replacement covers and repair foundation air vents for a very reasonable price. 

 humane trapping and removal of live animals -- or -- removal of dead animals... we are here to help!