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Snakes can be found anywhere but are typically found is lesser populated, more rural areas which have less automobile traffic. But beware, snakes are not extinct in populated areas yet, just less likely to have a problem with a snake in the more urban areas.

Their numbers are slowly dwindling down due to human encroachment. In fact, snakes are one of the only species of animals that encroachment negatively affects them, as most animals thrive on human encroachment. 

 Unfortunately, there are no effective traps out there that will provide 100% security from snakes entering your home or property. All that can really be done is to have a professional inspect your property and remove any that are found.

If you see a snake, if you're not sure if it is poisonous or not, it is best to be on the safe side and treat it as tho it is poisonous.  Call us right away, but then be sure to keep an eye on it until we get there to remove it.

Snake Removal