Some people may think squirrels are cute, but these cute little creatures can cause a lot of damage to your home. Before they decide to move into your home, you need to consider squirrel removal. Squirrels can jump from trees to roofs very easily and then chew their way into your attic where they will destroy your drywall and insulation to make their nest.  

Animal Trapping and Removal Service, Ltd. are experienced professionals who will handle squirrel removal in a humane, secure manner, ensuring your home from future intrusions with our squirrel exclusion services. ATRS has years of experience and we hold quality and customer satisfaction in the highest regard. We offer permanent solutions which will give you peace of mind, knowing your problem is handled the right way.

Los Angeles Squirrel Removal, Trapping and Control
ATRS will perform an initial evaluation and then set traps based on the situation. Every Squirrel control job is different. Our wildlife experts will inspect your home for damaged electrical wires, damaged duct work, damaged wood surfaces, take note of fecal accumulation and provide you an inspection report of all our findings and recommendations. We provide affordable options that get results. 

The most common squirrel nuisance concerns are:

  • Squirrels In The Attic
  • Squirrels In A Wall
  • Squirrels In A Vent
  • Squirrels In The Soffit
  • Squirrels In A Gutter
  • Squirrels In The Insulation
  • Squirrels In The Crawlspace
  • Squirrels In Duct Lines
  • Squirrels Chewed Electric Lines
  • Squirrels Damaged Roof
  • Squirrels Chewed A Hole In The Siding
  • Squirrels Have A Nest In The Attic
  • Squirrel Had Babies In The Attic
  • Squirrel Droppings In The Insulation
  • Squirrels In The Drop Tiles
  • Squirrels In A Warehouse
  • Squirrels On A Roof

Los Angeles Squirrels in the Attic

You think you hear squirrels in Your Attic? Once a squirrel has gained access into your home or attic, insulation damage, insulation contamination, chewing of electrical wires and obnoxious noises will begin. Squirrel noise makers and repellents are not effective enough. Unfortunately, at this point, the only solution is squirrel trapping...it's the only way to permanently solve the squirrel problem.  ATRS is a wildlife expert whose proven solutions will give you peace of mind, knowing your squirrel problems are over.

Squirrels Chew Electrical Lines

Squirrels are to blame for a estimated 30,000 house fires each year and millions in damages. Squirrels have caused power outages in cities and states nationwide, and with teeth growing 2″-3″ it is understandable why they have to keep them filed down by gnawing. Squirrels will chew on things in a attic, automobile, and even outside power lines. Why? To keep teeth filed down and to see if something is edible. We have created the perfect habitat with plenty of oak trees, shade, shelter, and even bird feeders, that squirrels have the knack of utilizing. Every State has been affected by Squirrel Chewing, causing Electrical outages, even Nasdaq, Airports, Businesses, and hundreds of thousand residents nationwide. Squirrels have surpassed the cyber hackers as the greatest threat to our electrical grid. The only permanent solution is to remove problem squirrels from the area. For Commercial clients, these situations require immediate assistance and urgency. Normal wildlife operators wont have 100 traps to bring out to a commercial squirrel job. We are available when seconds count.

Understanding Squirrel Damage

If you have squirrels, and go in your attic, and make sure everything is out, and quickly go outside and repair the opening. You’re in the clear right? Wrong. Squirrels that have developed the natural behavior pattern of entering your attic, will keep that behavior pattern until the are removed from the area. A squirrel can literally chew a softball size opening in wood in a matter of minutes. If you have previously had squirrels removed, and the squirrels have came back, and re entered your attic, why did that not last? All wildlife communicates by scent markings. If you have ever seen a dog mark a fire hydrant, another dog smells the fire hydrant, that’s what I mean. Body oils that rub off a squirrels fur at the openings it is entering, or fecal and urine accumulation in an attic, nesting, these things are like a calling card to a squirrel. Squirrels will come back if any of these items are left in the area. That is why it is important to call the professionals at ATRS.

Squirrel Removal


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